If I could have dinner with anyone Dead or Alive who and why?

If I could have dinner with anyone dead or alive it would be Brandon Jacobs from the New York Giants. I would rather have dinner with him because he is a famous football athlete. He also looks like a cool guy to talk to a get to know him more better. In addition, maybe before we go to dinner he can teach me some of his skills like his workout plan. I can also try to see if he can hook me up with some tickets to his next game.

When he asks me to pick a place to eat I will chose to eat somewhere I haven’t ate in a long time. For example, like red lobster or apple bee’s. Somewhere good that I know I can eat a lot. Other than that I will ask him a whole bunch of questions like ”What is it like when you are playing and all the pressure is on you?” I know that when the night I will remember this night forever.


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