How has technology made school better/worst?

Technolgy has made school better because in my second hour Mr. Silverman makes us take tests online instead of writing them out. By doing that he is saving a tree because paper is made from trees. So technology has had a better effect on schools. When we have class projects and still have extra time we can use these computers to look up information for the project. Furthermore, if we have them we will learn about them better and we might major in it and become something good when we get older. Lastly,  it a fun electronic to work with.

On the other hand it is bad because schools have to spend a lo of money on desktops and laptops. On top of all that they need someone to hook this all up to the same server. That will cost a fortune. In addition, if the computers or laptops don’t work because of some reason they are either going to have fix them which cost money or replace them which still cost money so either way its bad because you can tak all of that money and use them on books or desks or something else than computer that cost a lot of money.


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