If I was stranded on an island I may only have 3 items, what are they? Why?

If I was stranded on an island and only allowed 3 items I would pick supply of food, water, and a tent. To begin with, I would chose a supply of food because some people cannot survive without food for more than a day. In addition, it is part of humanity to eat if we don’t we will die of starvation. Furthermore, water because if us as human beings cannot stand a day without something to drink because we would die of dehydration. If it is hot and humid outside that makes things worst. You can also use the water to wash down your food.

Finally, I chose a tent because you can use it for several reasons like shelter, protection from animals on the outside, and protection. Tents are cool because you can fold them and bring them to different places and set up camp somewhere else. At night-time when you are tired and want to go to bed you will sleep in the tent so flys won’t attack you at night and neither will other dangerous animals because they aren’t being attacked upon. In conclusion, these are 3 things I would have with me if I wa stranded on an island.


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