Explain a time you received bad/poor customer service.

I time I received bad/poor customer service was when I was in McDonalds and the people in at the cash register kept messing up my order. I specifically asked them not to put on any mustard on my burger and they did it anyway. Initially, when I got my food and when I sat down to eat I took a bite out of the hamburger I tasted the mustard and I took it back to the register and told them they messed up my order and wanted a new burger.

Everytime I went back to replace my order they kept giving me an attitude and I told them that I wasn’t going to eat here ever again. When I was done eatting I promised myself the next time I ate there I was going to make sure they got my order correct and made them repeat what I asked for. This is one of the times I have received bad/poor customer service.


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